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The Fitzroy Motor Boat Club has excellent slipping facilities.  All financial members of the Club may utilise the slipping facility for vessels that are owned by the member.  The slip is operated by authorised personnel who have been nominated by the Executive Committee.

  • A booking fee must be paid before slipping and the Indemnity Form must be signed and attached.

  • In providing the slipway facility the Fitzroy Motor Boat Club makes no representation or warrants that the slipping facility is capable of performing a particular task or is suitable for a particular purpose or vessel.

  • Where the member intends to use the slipping facility of the Club, the member before use, will inspect the slipway facility to ensure that it is safe and suitable for the member's vessel.

  • All members are to ensure the safety of others by taking such precautions as required to maintain a safe environment at all times.

The responsibilities of the member or their agent whilst using the slipping facility are:

  • Ensuring no shower, toilet or sink on the vessel is used whilst on the slipping facility.

  • Insurance for the member's vessel, contractors and/or persons working on the vessel and all activities relating to the vessel while on the slipping facility.

  • Ensuring compliance with the conditions of the Club's Environmental Management Plan.

  • Ensuring compliance with the basic precautions in the Minor Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids (Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act & Regulations 2001).

  • Ensuring Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are supplied and available for all chemical products used.

  • Ensuring at all times and particularly when cleaning the hull below the waterline, that the vinyl covered filters (sand sausages) are placed across the slip apron to prevent solids from entering the environmental pit and ensuring the environmental pit is in operation.

  • Ensuring that the slip curtains are drawn across and tied down during all activities.

  • Ensuring that both the slip area and trolley are clean, rubbish is placed in the industrial bin and slip area bins are emptied and that all biological matter from the hull is correctly disposed.

  • Ensuring that no grease, oil, fuel or chemicals are allowed to enter the environmental pit.

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